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September 19, 2013



Babe, I'm a little sad. You were adding a little light to the expansive web and that gave me some joy. I'm proud of you and how dedicated you were to your blog, but I also respect and support your decision to let it go. You did an amazing job while it lasted. Love you.

Jennie Jensen

I will miss seeing your ne home transform! Thanks for sharing what you did!


Awe man, I can't believe I'll miss out on your home transformation! You do such a good job and we have similar styles..and similar kids. I totally understand, there is no way I can keep up a blog currently. Much love from SLC!




I'll miss you in the blog world Sarah! Thanks for helping me start out.. xo


Omg no kidding I actually thought you moved so that you'd have something to blog about!!lol




Jay's comment is so sweet!!!
Although I'm slow at keeping up and commenting, I will miss your blog :(. It helps me feel connected to you despite our distance. I completely understand though, and hope you enjoy all of your new found privacy. XO

Desha Peacock

Oh I'm a little sad, too. I'm glad I found you b/f you ended your sweet blog, but at the same time I understand. I have a feeling we might be hearing from you from another venue one of these days, so please keep me posted :)
xo Desha

Sarah Jane

Thanks, Desha! I hope youre right! ;)

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