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August 06, 2012


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My sweet granddaughter (3yrs old) wears glasses like your little one. I noticed that Lula looks "over" her lenses alot in the photos. Perhaps this is not true in day to day life. Just a comment because if she is not looking through the lenses, then she is not benefitting from them. Or so says our optometrist. If they are slipping down her nose, bring them back to where you bought them and they can do a re-adjustment.
Lula is such a cutie! As is ours :)

Sarah Jane

Thanks for commenting, Lorraine, and for your concern! Lus glasses do slip down her nose constantly and weve had them readjusted. She has such a small face, its hard to keep them on, but we constantly push them back up and have taught her to do so too. I probably pushed them back up right after I took that picture! Its not easy to keep up with with an active little one! Have a lovely day!

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