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August 07, 2012


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AMEN! I will be happy to read when you post and happy to know you are spending time doing what YOU want when you are away. Take care.

Love the clothing that we ordered from your store a few weeks ago.

Kara- Ratcliff USA.

Sarah Jane

Thanks, Kara! Glad you loved your order!


Right on sister. xo


I absolutely agree with every word in your post. Let's go get lunch soon and talk about things we love and about the people we love. Just to let you in on my balancing act of a blog and family life; I only post Mon/Wed/Fri...and only if I want to. I want to share my ideas with the world, I don't care if my posts receive one hundred comments or none, my satisfaction is in sharing a little piece of my heart and my mind and hoping that it makes someone else's day a little brighter.


HI, I read this from a reposting and I think you should send it to The Good Woman Project. They are always wanting contributors and I think your blog today will be just what they are looking for! Blessings on seeing the best in all GOd has blessed you with!


Sarah Jane

Thanks for the tip, Sue. Ill check it out!


This is so well written and I really appreciate it. It has made me think for days. It's a good reminder and it comes at a time when I've also been evaluating who I am. I've written some too to help me process but have felt too insecure to share with the world. I admire your bravery, and as always look forward to reading your blog :). And good luck with Lula's room- love all of your ideas!


I think who you are is AWESOME and I want to hang out more. Maybe we could even run a little... I'm thinking about slowly getting back into it. And I mean "slowly" about "getting into it" AND about running slowly. :)


this was a great post - I often focus on what I am not - it's so hard not to in the sea of blog where everyone seems to have charmed lives. I have to try and remind myself that they don't

Sarah Jane

Yep, Jessi. They SO dont!

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