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April 24, 2012


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So sorry that this is happening. If they are waking up and being rewarded in any way (food, being carried back to bed, coversation) it will continue for a long time. Ellie was doing this to us and I read up on it and found info that I consistently use and it works. By 1 year old, the girls were fed dinner when we would eat (6pm) and then their next meal was breakfast at 9am the following morning, eliminating "night" feeding will help you tremendously.

Sarah Jane

Thats the weird thing with Lula, Grace. We never reward her and put her straight back in bed, but she still gets up. We cant figure it out! Shes been doing better lately. Weve been leaving her night light on all night and that seems to help. And with D... letting him cry it out is the worst experience ever! Hell literally cry for 1 1/2 hours. We know, because weve tried it! But he goes through phases. He was doing great, sleeping all night long. And then he got a shot! Now hes all messed up again. This too shall pass, right?


Laughing out loud!!! This is hilarious.

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